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The mediators that are listed on the Mediator Directory cover the areas of expertise listed below.

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We have chosen our team thoughtfully, based on their previous track record. Our superior mediation case management team have over 21 years' experience (combined) in the civil and commercial mediation industry. We have been instrumental in providing mediation services to just under 8,200 individual clients. This includes around 2,000 solicitors firms, public bodies, GCs, Government departments, high net worth clients, family businesses and private organisations.

Between the members of the team we have successfully marketed the services of around 50 mediators - possibly more.  We have built relationships with more than 200 industry suppliers. These include companies who we have collaborated with to provide PR, marketing and advertising services to commercial mediators. We have been responsible for administering circa 7500 civil and commercial mediations. Our biggest strength has always been helping civil and commercial mediators to get mediation bookings. This has been achieved by managing mediator's diaries, negotiating mediation fees and generating leads. We have tailored our services to provide support to clients in helping them with every aspect of the mediation booking journey. Starting with choosing a mediator with the right level of expertise at the right cost, to finding a venue and orchestrating the online mediation platforms. Supporting their mediation marketing efforts in a professional, dynamic and compelling manner is what we do best. 

At Comsgateway we’re passionate about promoting all forms of mediation across the UK. We believe that the mediation sector and awareness of mediation will be more successful if everyone in the mediation industry works together, rather than competes with one another. We are an open, diverse and inclusive Mediator Directory and encourage mediators from all areas of expertise and experience levels to collaborate with us. Our goal is to develop the reputation of mediation, alongside each mediator's own mediation practice. 

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Claire Colbert

Family Mediator

Tel: 07548 824933


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Rachael Oakes.jpg

Family Mediator

Tel: 07548 824932


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Civil & Commercial Mediator

Tel: 07866 447603


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Laura Kirkpatrick

Civil Mediator

Tel: 07828 162048


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Stephen Shaw

Property, Civil & Commercial Mediator

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Stephen Shaw
Antonia Rogers

Civil & Commercial, Workplace Mediator

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Richard Marshall profile.2.jpg

Richard Marshall

Civil & Commercial Mediator

Tel: 07789 201549


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Unit 92909, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US

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