Antonia Rogers

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Law LLB, MSc in Business Management and CIPD qualified.   




Areas covered

Workplace | Civil and Commercial Mediation

CMC Associate Mediator 2022

Being a Mediator

Antonia is an accredited mediator in civil, commercial and workplace matters, and an experienced professional with an extensive background in Human Resources and senior management.


She is the Commercial Director for a family manufacturing business with responsibility for people management and overseeing contractual relationships.  

Antonia is passionate about making a real difference to those experiencing conflict. She combines her knowledge and experience to facilitate conversations and empower people to find positive outcomes.  Antonia conducts facilitative mediation (empowering the parties to make their own decisions) in an open and safe environment. She provides each person an opportunity to be heard as well as encouraging them to listen.  

Her calm and professional manner has been praised by clients. Antonia believes that mediation is an excellent platform to help you ‘move on’ i.e. move forwards and find solutions which are realistic, pragmatic, and achievable, and party centric.  Antonia’s commercial and HR background provides the perfect blend of skills to her practice. She will quickly identify the issues and help everyone in a balanced, proactive, and problem-solving way.  


Antonia understands organisations of all sizes and compositions, having held senior positions in small, medium, and multi-national businesses. She brings this experience directly to her practice as she understands the types and range of issues faced by such organisations. Antonia’s HR background provides a substantive wealth of knowledge and experience in workplace matters and she has been involved with internal conflict resolution as well as external commercial relationship issues.  Having been involved in her family business for 10+ years she also understands the unique challenges that family dynamics add to the mix.

Mediation Clients

Antonia typically works with:

  • individuals and sole traders

  • small and medium sized enterprises

  • family run businesses

  • Human Resource (HR) providers

  • Charities

  • Local Authorities

Workplace, Civil and Commercial Mediation

Specialising In:

  • Family conflict in family businesses

  • Disputes arising from Management styles

  • Conflict arising from poor communication

  • Unclear role boundaries

  • Different working styles

  • Personality clashes 

  • Managerial conflicts either between each other or with shareholders

  • Issues relating to harassment or bullying​

  • Commercial/Civil Disputes

Connect with Antonia

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