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Being a Mediator

I came to mediation through a confluence of circumstances which made me think, ‘There must be a better way for people to deal with their difficulties than to threaten legal action, or refuse to engage in communication at all!’ I realised that a great deal of my management consultancy work was really… conflict resolution. It gave me such pleasure and relief when long-held rifts within and between teams melted away after some good, authentic communication. This piqued my interest to find out more about the art of conflict resolution, and I did my first certificated training, and started practising as a community mediator. Later I qualified as a civil and employment mediator, and have been mediating ever since.

It’s astonishing to witness people’s lives turn from a turmoil of distressing, intractable ‘stuckness’, to a new phase in which, for example, neighbours can conceive of greeting each other again; or work colleagues re-establish trust between each other after maybe years of mistrust, stress and non-communication. Mediation takes empathy, patience and persistence, and it is a skill I will develop and hone endlessly over years to come, but its core aspect is a belief that people really can find peace again, given the right support and a safe space to explore options for settling differences. Facilitating such processes is a real honour. Nothing beats the sight of former disputants smiling, shaking hands, or even (more often than you would think) hugging, at the end of a mediation


Arabella Tresilian is an accredited Mediator registered with the Civil Mediation Council, and a conflict resolution trainer/coach. She specialises in facilitating dispute resolution and employee wellbeing in the public sector, with a particular focus on mental health, neurodiversity and disability.


Arabella has twenty years’ prior experience in management consultancy, organisational development, and learning and development; and she set up the School of Dialogue to teach conflict resolution skills and Mental Health First Aid.


Arabella mediates independently and on behalf of the Medical Mediation Foundation, Resolve West and other panels where she specialises in lending her 'expertise by experience' in the fields of mental health and neurodiversity. 


Arabella's 70+ case history since 2016 include mediations in the fields of Judicial Review, Court of Protection, Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act, Local Government, Employment Tribunal, workplace relations, community/neighbour disputes and public sector dispute resolution.

Workplace and Employment Mediation

Arabella has over 20 years’ experience in management consulting and leadership. She offers mediation, team development, conflict coaching and facilitation for a wide variety of workplace and employment issues including: 

  • Boardroom / CEO disputes

  • Trustee disputes 

  • Employment Exit / Settlements

  • Grievances and Disciplinaries

  • Employee / Client disputes

  • Line manager / Direct report conflicts

  • Colleague conflicts or broken relationships

  • Discrimination / Equality Act 2010 disputes

  • Employee sickness / mental health

  • Team performance issues 

Medical, Public, Civil and Commercial Mediation

Since 1999, Arabella has worked with 100s of social workers, doctors, nurses, community health workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, police officers, teachers and NHS management professionals across the UK as a trainer, management consultant, patient, patient researcher, and kinship carer. Her current mediation, facilitation and team development work includes:


  • Patient / Professional Mediation (also with Medical Mediation Foundation) 

  • Court of Protection-related/ordered mediations

  • Mental Capacity Act / DoLs mediation

  • Judicial Review mediation 

  • Mental Health Act / Care Act / Mental Health Tribunal mediations

  • Local Authority / Provider / Customer dispute resolution

  • Clinical/leadership team dispute resolution

  • Care home dispute resolution - professionals/residents/families/carers  

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney / Family disputes

  • End of Life Care / Elder Mediation

  • Paediatric palliative care disputes


  • CEDR Accredited Mediator, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (2017)

  • Mediation Accreditation, OCN (2016)

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education Leadership and Management, University of Bath (2012)

  • MAHons English Literature, University of Edinburgh (1999)


  • Medical Mediation Foundation (Associate Mediator and Trainer)

  • Association of South West Mediators (Mediator)

  • Resolve West (Mediator) 

  • Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (Associate Trainer)

  • Bath Mind (Associate Trainer & MHFA Instructor) 

  • End of Life Doula UK (Associate)

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