Mediation Information and Decision Matrix

Use the Mediation Information and Decision (MIAD) Matrix to help you organise your mediation enquiry and booking journey. Follow the logical steps on the decision matrix below to support you in finding and booking a mediator or mediation provider. Read the Information section as a checklist of what information you should expect to obtain when booking a mediation and preparing for the mediation process.

What type of Mediation service

do you want?

All administration is provided for us, including fixing the date and finding a venue

A Mediation Provider

I'm happy to do all of the leg work myself and it doesn't have to be administered.

An independent Mediator

Where should I look to find a Mediator?

What are the consideration and criteria I need to think about when choosing a mediator?



Professional Negligence

Banking & Finance

Insurance & Re-Insurance

Wills, Trusts & Probate

Personal Injury

Energy & Transport

Partnership & Shareholder

Sports & Media

IT & Telecoms

IP, Trademark & Copyright

Health & Social Care

Hours included for mediation day and preparation

Travel costs & travel time

Venue booking, room hire & refreshment charges

Areas of Expertise

Professional experience

Sector experience

Reputation and status

Qualifications and background

Mediation Style and technique



Method of Delivery

Settlement rate








Online DR



Mediation Provider

Mediator Directory

A Mediation Provider

The provider will take the criteria that you give them and suggest mediators that match the criteria. You make the mediation booking with the provider.

An independent Mediator

After researching the criteria and considerations you have, are a match with the mediator, make contact with the independent mediator to book a mediation

Preparing for the Mediation Day


Information you may need from the mediation provider or mediator to prepare for the mediation process

Mediation Booking form

Terms and Conditions

model mediation clause pre-agreed?

draft settlement agreement

Mediation Agreement

Timetable for submitting papers to the Mediator for preparation

Guidance on what to prepare for the Mediator

Mediation attendance list

Invoice for the Mediator's fees and instructions on how to make payment

Start & finish time

venue address & directions

zoom invitation/teams link

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