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Civil and Commercial Mediation

Being a Mediator

I founded Striving to Settle as a way of being able to help people to move forward; to resolve disputes and tricky negotiations; to avoid large legal bills; to avoid the risk of ‘losing’, and the financial implications that carries with it; to avoid the reputational damage of Court proceedings, and to avoid the massive management time involved in preparing for and attending trial.


I now concentrate full-time on helping people reach settlement, through mediation and negotiation. My mediation style has been described as ‘relaxed but professional’ when dealing with people. And I think a key to my success has been seeing everyone as a person, and trying to work in a way that best suits that person’s personality and objectives. 


I previously spent over 25 years as a qualified Solicitor in private practice, dealing with Commercial Disputes and Property Litigation, the last 13 years of which were spent as a specialist Commercial Property Litigator with DAC Beachcroft LLP, an international law firm with over 2,500 employees, and one of the largest Real Estate teams in the UK.

Whilst I am involved with disputes arising from any subject matter, I have a particular specialism in property litigation, landlord and tenant disputes and anything ‘land’ based. During my time working as a solicitor I worked on cases across a vast range of size and complexity, from smaller cases in my early years, through in later years to many high value, highly complex High Court disputes that went to trial and on to appeal.

During my years as a solicitor I also qualified as a Solicitor-Advocate, meaning that I had the opportunity to carry out advocacy on behalf of my clients at trial, leading to a specialist knowledge of cross-examination of witnesses, and making legal submissions to the Judge. This also has led to a clear understanding of how Judges view witnesses and evidence, and the factors that weigh on their minds when deciding cases.

Civil and Commercial Mediation

Specialising In:

  • Land Disputes

  • Property Disputes

  • Landlord and Tenant

  • Professional negligence (architect/construction)

  • Commercial Contract


  • Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator

  • Litigation Solicitor for over 25 years

  • Solicitor-Advocate (Civil)

  • Property Litigation/Landlord and Tenant Specialist  

  • Visiting lecturer at the University of West England (UWE)

Mediation Seminars

Richard Marshall is available to conduct mediation seminars and workshops. These can be held either virtually or in-person, to meet the needs of the clients, firm or organisation. Mediation seminars are free for those attended by 20 or more participants.

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